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KathNiel in the News: Kath nominated at the 2016 Kids Choice Awards

It was DJ in 2015, this year the KathNiel fandom faces another round of voting for the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards as Kath is vying to win the “Favorite Pinoy Personality” category in the annual festivities.


The awarding will be on March 14, 2016. You can vote on the site daily as many times as you can.

We are encouraging everyone to also include the hashtags #VoteKathrynFPP #KCA in all your tweets.

Goodluck and congratulations on your nomination Kath!


KathNiel In The News: KathNiel Conquers Vietnam

The KathNiel fever has reached the shores of Vietnam as Kath and DJ were awarded as the Best Foreign Actor and Actress in the recently concluded “Face of the Year” Awards. They won the hearts and adoration of Vietnamese fans for their portrayal of “Got To Believe”‘s Chichay Tampipi and Joaquin San Juan Manansala which was televised, twice, in the country.

Kath and DJ bested other actors from across the region, and personally received their respective awards at the gala night in Ho Chi Minh City’s Opera House.


Earlier that day, they were greeted with screams of “KathNiel! KathNiel!” at the gates of the HCMC International Airport, amidst the frenzy of Vietnamese KathNiel fans and local media; some were even bold enough to ask when the lovely pair would get married.


Due to the big Vietnamese following, a Meet and Greet event was held for Kath and DJ at the local Vivo City mall the day after the awards show. You can watch the video of them singing “Got To Believe”, much to the delight of the crowd, below.

Upon their arrival in Manila, Kath and DJ were welcomed home by their Filipino fans, again screamed of “KathNiel! KathNiel!” can be heard loudly.

Based on reports, KathNiel also has followings in other countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Russia, and fans are now hoping that as with Vietnam, Kath and DJ could visit their country sometime in the feature.

Congratulation again Kath and DJ.

The KathNiel fandom is one with you as you conquer the world, one country at a time.