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Kathryn for Ponds: First Campaign, “#PondsWhiteBeauty”

After her launch as part of Pond’s Beauty Council, Kath’s first campaign, “Pond’s White Beauty” has been posted on the brand’s official YouTube channel.

The campaign focuses on how to fight 10 of the toughest skin problems

Don’t forget to use the official hashtag, #PondsWhiteBeauty, when posting reactions online.

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Again, congratulations Kath in being part of Pond’s Beauty Council!

UPDATE: Another campaign, #ChangeIsBeautiful, was released by Ponds Philippines and in this, Kath can be seen with Toni Gonzaga and Julia Barretto:

Kathryn for Ponds: #PondsGirlKathryn

#ChangeIsBeautiful indeed.

Ponds Philippines has announced Kathryn Bernardo as its newest celebrity endorser.

For details on how to watch the live event, please visit this Facebook page.

Congratulations Kath!

KathNiel for Sterling and UniSilver: Welcome DJ!

Following KFC, San Marino Corned Tuna and Nescafe Creamy White, KathNiel are now both endorsers for Sterling Notebooks and Unisilver – Kath has been the endorser for both brands prior DJ joining her.

Announcements were both made via social media:

Welcome to Unisilver Family Daniel Padilla!

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Behind the scenes of their Sterling photoshoot can be seen on the Sterling Facebook page.

KathNiel for #MilkyCreamyCoffee: There’s Only One

In their latest Nescafe Creamy White campaign, Kath and DJ are each other’s “Only One”.

In what could be their most personal endorsement campaign yet, they’re seen and heard asking each other, “Sa dinami-dami, bakit ako?”

The 30-second version of the campaign is currently being aired on local and cable networks, and an accompanying social media and print campaign was also launched:

The KathNiel Brandname: KathNiel for San Marino Corned Tuna

San Marino unveiled Kath and DJ as the latest endorsers for their Corned Tuna in a campaigned titled, “Find True Love”

In the 30-seconder advert, the team behind the campaign based the storyline on how the “KathNiel” love team came to be: Kath’s then on-screen partner couldn’t continue so she to be partnered with another actor.

Watch the newest campaign below:

Follow their official Twitter account for more behind the scenes and other campaign-related news.

KathNiel on the Road: Kath for Huawei, DJ for MyPhone

This weekend will be another busy one for Kath and DJ – and the KathNiel fans – as they go on the road for separate events for Huawei and MyPhone, respectively.

Below are the details of SM City Bacolod and SM North Edsa activities:



The KathNiel Brandname: KathNiel featured in new Nescafe TV Advert

A new TV advert was released by Nescafe Philippines featuring Kath and DJ.

In the much-praised advert, the pair’s chemistry is again at the forefront, showcasing their charisma and effectiveness as brand endorsers that even non-KathNiel fans were able to appreciate the new TVC.

Watch the extended advert below which was released via the official Twitter account of Nescafe Philippines:

Prior its 7:00pm social media premiere, a series of teasers were also released:


The TV advert has been uploaded on the YouTube account of Nescape PH. Make sure to like and share the video online.

KathNiel On The Road: #OishiSnacktacular 2016

For the third consecutive year, Kath and DJ were present for Oishi’s Team O event at the MOA Music Grounds – this year’s festivities is entitled #OishiSnacktacular


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This would be a three-day event for Oishi, but KathNiel are only scheduled to attend the events today.

KathNiel On The Road: KathNiel for Oishi Snacktacular; Kath for Air Optix; Daniel for Pride of Ilocos 2

Kath and DJ will be busy in the next couple of days, not only for the continued filming of their movie but also for their endorsement events and a basketball exhibition game.

First would be Kath as she will be officially launched as the new Air Optix ambassador on July 10, 2016 at Robinsons Place, Ermita.

The Oishi Snacktacular is a three-day event, but Kath and DJ would both be going on July 15, 2016 so KathNiel fans be sure to flock to the MOA Music Hall next Friday.


Finally, DJ will be at the Centennial Arena, Loaog City for the Celebrity Basketball League on July 16, 2016.


In all these events, stay safe everyone.

KathNiel On The Road: Kath for Huawei, DJ for Swift Mighty Meaty

October 3, 2015 was a busy day for Kath & DJ as they both attended events for Huawei and Swift Might Meaty, respectively.

Meet & Greet Mighty Daniel

The contest ran until August 28, 2015 and winners were picked beforehand, and announced through the official accounts of Swift Foods Philippines.

For a chance to win for any future Meet & Greet, you may follow the official IG account of Swift Foods Philippines.

The Royal Affair: KB in Pampanga

After Cebu, Kath’s The Royal Affair went to Angeles, Pampanga.

When asked by local media how she came to design phone covers for Huawei, Kath advised that it was an idea which was discussed during the first meetings with the company. She even mentioned that part of the sale of each phone unit will be given to charity. The four designs can be seen below:


Watch out for the next leg of The Royal Affair – follow Huawei’s official Instagram account to be updated.