In a new interview with ABS-CBN reporter Marie Lozano, Kath opens about her experiences on being bullied, both in school and online.

This is Why Kathryn Keeps Her Snapchat Private

She mentions that in this internet era, everyone experiences bullying. “It’s so easy for everyone to make comments on your posts. It’s not an exemption na kung artista ka hindi ka ma-bubully. The more na artista ka, more na i-chachallenge ka nila kung hanggang scan yung patience mo.” (“It’s not an exemption that you’re an actor, you’d still be bullied. In fact, as an actor, they’d test and challenge your patience more.”)

The three-minute interview also expounds on how Kath used to handle cyberbullying versus how it affects her now. “Ngayon nasanay ka na maybe kasi tumanda na rin ako and alam ko na paano i-handle na hindi ko naman siya kailangan basahin.” (“Now that I’ve grown up, I know how to handle it better; I don’t read them anymore.”)

Her best advice for bullies, “Just ignore them.”

In another Marie Lozano interview, during the Pond’s #ChangeIsBeautiful launch, Kath’s hidden talent was revealed, as seen below: