A fansite is a website created and maintained by a fan interested in a celebrity, thing, or a particular cultural phenomenon.

We are very happy to welcome YOU to the first Philippine fansite supporting Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

We wanted to create an avenue where all KathNiel fans can come together, to celebrate and build camaraderie; to reminisce; to look back at how far this fandom has gone; that for every smile and laughter, for every tear & pain, for every triumph & misstep of Kath and DJ, you are sure to see the millions of us — the KathNiel fans – standing behind and alongside them.

In our world, no one fan is bigger than the other – all we ever have wanted, and still aim to do, is to support Kath and DJ in all their endeavours, ALWAYS.

This fansite is a labor of love, mainly for Kath and DJ but also for the fandom we belong to, one which is solid and fiercely loyal.

This fansite is a little corner in the virtual universe where you, as a KathNiel fan, can celebrate all things that make this world of ours, our own — we wanted to give each and every fan an opportunity to realise how much they’ve given as supporters of Kath & DJ and how these two amazing people have inspired the millions of us ~ The KathNiel World Staff

This fansite is the story of us:

    …of Kathryn and Daniel

      … of us KathNiel fans

        Welcome to our world…