Fan Corner

Take a look at our journey; on how they inspire us – to explore possibilities; to be a little more creative; to dream of places and sunsets; to be kind yet be critical of each other and of the world; to, simply, become better people.

KathNiel Wanderlust

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek lives, other souls.”

My KathNiel Fan Story

Each fan has a unique story to tell: from where they discovered them, to how being a KathNiel fan changed their lives – these are the stories of each and everyone of us – these are our KATHNIEL FAN stories..


Those little whispers of, ‘HINDI AKO KATHNIEL FAN PERO…’ we love to hear.


Speak. Discuss. Debate.

Fan Videos

A plethora of creativeness featuring Kath & DJ and the unforgettable characters they’ve given life to: THE KATHNIEL FAN-MADE VIDEOS

Fan Artist of The Month

A pencil. A pen. A brush.
Sketch pad. Photoshop. Canvass.
The talented and the gifted: The KATHNIEL fan artists.