Feb 2016: Rain


Can you tell us a little something about yourself?

    The fandom knows me as “iamsuperain” but my close fandom friends call me “Yoyo” hello!!!

Describe yourself as a Kathniel fan in three words.

    On the sidelines

What do you call the fan art you’ve been making? Can you tell us a little something about your process?

    I’m making “fan videos.” The process of making it really depends on the availability of the material and my mood. Whenever there are materials available, let’s say from KN interviews or events or tv shows, dun ako kukuha ng idea on what I will do. Most of the time I use covers of songs that I find on youtube or soundcloud. Pag tipong, uy bagay to sa KN, then I’ll save it on a folder sa computer ko na may name na “For KN Videos”

How long have you been creating them?

    Since 2012 for kn videos, but I started editing videos nung 2010 for another artist.

Have you always had this skill/talent or is it a discovery you made when you became a fan?

    Nag start sya nung panahong bored ako sa life. I have never imagined noon na gagawa akong mga ganitong fan videos.

Is there a new talent or skill you’ve discovered or gained?

    It’s always a learning process. Ang dami kong natutunan kasi noon. Ang gamit ko lang simpleng movie maker sa windows, so later on, nag try ako ng iba and mas naging comfortable ako sa Sony Vegas. I watched youtube tutorials rin para matuto ng mga bago. It’s always a good feeling when you learn something new.

What is it about KathNiel that inspires you to create these works of art?

    Mahal ko lang talaga yung dalawang yun, sobra.

What is your most favourite personal creation to date and why?

    Hmmmm I have three favourite videos:
    KathNiel – The greatest fan of your life – I made this 1-min video right after Daniel’s 1st concert. Tapos sobrang raw kasi ng emotions ni Kath that time kaya napa awwww ako sa moment, so there!
    KathNiel – you’re every song, you’re everything – Alam naman kasi natin anong significance ng kantang “Everything” sa KathNiel. Yung mapapasabi ka talaga ng “Ang sarap magmahal pag panalo.”
    KathNiel – Ngayong gabi atin ang mundo. – Yung message ng song na “Sabay Natin” nag reflect sya sa journey ng KN from the beginning

Why do you do what you do?

    I am happy when I’m doing videos. Nakakawala ng stress sa life and at the same time, it’s a good feeling to read reactions that my video made them happy as well.

Are there other artists (in this fandom or outside) that you admire?

    When it comes to editing photos, I say Yinyin FTW!!!
    When it comes to videos I like the works of yellowsunx, alyssap, charissa mae amper’s (Mikay & Gino – Sana Maulit Muli) and kdfordever
    When it comes to fan fiction I like the works of BeetleCat, satohemi, mrskcford, kristiannevivien and freewill

How do you think your work affects the fandom?

    The fandom in general? I think nagiging masaya sila kapag may poot na ganap sa mga shows ng KathNiel, from PAI up to PSY hahaha! Pero, there’s this one rough time last year when I made a video about KathNiel’s journey and almost every comment was very emotional. Somehow, na realize nung iba na may reason pa pala para ipaglaban sya, para kumapit, para sumugal pa. So ayun, it’s a nice feeling na kahit papano may mga hindi bumitaw.

Do you think KathNiel has seen your work?

    I am not sure, but way back 2012 someone told me na pinakita yung isang Mikay/Gino video yung I Won’t Give Up kay Tita Min, and I think DJ saw it too, and he said “Para naman kaming maghihiwalay nyan” (non verbatim). So there, kung nakita man nila or hindi ok lang hahaha!

What’s your dream project? Anything you want to do in the future?

    Gusto kong gumawa ng journey video ng KathNiel tapos ipapalabas sa kasal nila. But that’s kinda farfetched haha! So ngayon, yung medyo realistic naman is, matagal ko na talagang gustong gawin: “101 reasons to ship KathNiel”

What’s the best thing about what you do?

    That you get to make other people happy even in the simplest way

Can you tell us about your very first KN-inspired work?

    Hmmmm I think it’s the Runaway video. Nag try lang ako nun, tapos yun sunod sunod na sya.

Have your family and friends seen your fan art? What is their reaction to the work that you do?

    Ayokong malaman ng family ko kasi pagtatawanan nila ko for sure. One of my co-workers accidentally found my videos kasi nag search sya ng KathNiel sa YouTube. Nag deny pa ko nung una, pero nakita nyang naka link sa twitter ko, so wala akong nagawa kundi umamin.

Can you tell us an unforgettable moment/experience that is the result of your fanart?

    Nung time na pinalabas na ang G2B sa Vietnam, most of the notifications I got were from Vietnamese fans na hindi ko naman naiintindihan ang sinasabi. Minsan I tried using Google Translate para kausapin sila and there were some videos na nag request sila ng subtitle lalo kapag excerpt from interviews.

What’s your message for aspiring artists in this fandom?

    Just do whatever it is that’s on your imagination and never stop learning…. And enjoy lang!

Where can people go to see your work? (twitter, IG, etc)

    You can visit my YouTube account. Never mind my Twitter account kasi wala namang kwenta mga tweets ko haha!