Oct 2015: Elaine


Can you tell us a little something about yourself?

    Hi, I’m Elaine Ojera. You can call me Elaine. A passion-driven person. I love making drawings and typography. And 95% ng artworks na posts ko are for Kath and DJ. Tard ba? Hahahaha It’s my way of showing love and support for the two.

Describe yourself as a Kathniel fan in three words.

    Creative, Timeless and Caring.

What do you call the fan art you’ve been making? Can you tell us a little something about your process?

    I make “digital drawings” (sometimes paintings, sketches, and typography on paper). In making digital drawings, I use a drawing tablet. Sometimes I make sketches on paper then scan and render my drawings using Adobe Illustrator or Paint Tool Sai.

How long have you been creating them?

    I started making KathNiel drawings on paper since Growing Up. Then I only started making digital drawings last year, 2014.

Have you always had this skill/talent or is it a discovery you made when you became a fan?

    Before I even became a fan of KathNiel, making drawings has always been my hobby.

Is there a new talent or skill you’ve discovered or gained?

    Mas na-improve ko yung sa drawing skills ko. Looking back at my old drawings, natatawa na lang ako kasi sobrang fail pa haha At least now, may konting improvement. Then in 2013, I learned how to make gifs and graphics. I post them on my tumblr blog.

What is it about KathNiel that inspires you to create these works of art?

    It’s the “KathNiel Magic”. They have this “irreplaceable blaze” that can never be replaced by a “temporary spark.” Iba kasi yung “kilig” na hatid nung dalawa; it’s REAL and because of it, nakaka-inspire gumawa ng something/some artworks for them.

What is your most favourite personal creation to date and why?

    My digital drawing of KathNiel journey: From Growing Up to Pangako Sa ‘Yo. Not only had it taken me 5 days of rendering and coloring it, Tita min also posted the drawing on her Instagram account. There was a feeling of fulfillment, and it was a priceless moment for me not only because I know they got the two copies of my drawings, pero yung ma-notice ni Tita Min. Sobrang nakakataba na ng puso yun and yung magustuhan ng co-fans ko yung gawa ko. I’m more inspired to make artworks.


Why do you do what you do?

    Creating art is my passion. It is my way of expressing my unsaid thoughts, frustrations and feelings in life. It’s like an escape route. And the day I found out about KathNiel (my OT), it has been my way of expressing my support for the two of them.

Are there other artists (in this fandom or outside) that you admire?

    There are a lot of artists that I admire in this fandom. Let’s start-off with Aileen “Yin” Egwaras. Kalog kasi siya online and in person once you get to know her more. Pag dating sa mga manips/edits, mapapa-wow ka talaga kasi mukha siyang totoo. Pag alam niyang medyo “tigang” ang kathniels, may pasabog siya. Haha! She’s one of the people that I’m really glad I met because of Kath and DJ.

    Sila ate Elle @wtvr_elle because of her short stories & typography. Si Denice Tua, @denwhut because of her drawings and typography too. 🙂

    Then these creative tumblr bloggers who post gif sets/edits since Growing Up / Princess and I: Bea Quenano (bbernadilla), Monique (bababernardo), Milani Tandoc (pottiepots), Angela (aayangela), Cheska Estapa (kathniel-elrick-migi-jabi), Precious (johndrians), Abi (barrettojulia), Nhika (baba-pottie) and other KN bloggers.

How do you think your work affects the fandom?

    Siguro napapa-ngiti ko sila? Hahahaha or pag nagagandahan sila sa drawings ko or they’ll say na “ang cute” nung digital drawing. Nakakatuwa lang reactions nila 🙂

Do you think KathNiel has seen your work?

    Yes, maybe a few… The first ever artwork that I made and gave to them personally was my fanart entry for ASAP Fanswap last March 2014, right before Kath’s debut. One of the most memorable days of my life that I’ll treasure for a lifetime.

What’s your dream project? Anything you want to do in the future?

    Make short animation films for them. It’s always been on my “To Do List” especially now that I’m on my 2nd year in college and our projects are 2D and 3D animations. Maybe I could pass a finals {or thesis} proposal plot that Kath and DJ are the subject or main characters for my animation film. Wishing that I’ll get the chance to work with them someday… Like in a commercial or something 🙂

What’s the best thing about what you do?

    I freely express my feelings through my artworks/drawings… And nakaka-overwhelm pag may mga tao na nagagandahan sa drawings ko. I really feel appreciated and thank you for that 🙂 Nakaka-boost ng self-confidence na wala ako.

Can you tell us about your very first KN-inspired work?

    Back in 2011, I remember that I made a scrapbook about “Growing Up” slash a doodle book for KathNiel. Natatawa na nga lang ako ngayon pag nakikita ko yun kasi as in ultimo screencap ng palitan nila ng tweets before, may printed pictures at saka doodle #NoShame hahaha (hashtag: newbie fan / 13-year-old self lol). I made drawings of KathNiel after, mga magazine cover/pictures nila together 🙂

Have your family and friends seen your fan art? What is their reaction to the work that you do?

    Yes. And somehow, they’re now supportive of my fangirl life. Yung marinig ko sa mama ko na nagagandahan siya sa drawings ko, nakakatuwa kasi she’s one of my inspirations since I was a little kid kasi nagdadrawing din siya. With my friends na non-KathNiel fans, sinusuportahan ako sa pagfafangirl and with my drawings. Masaya sa pakiramdam.

Can you tell us an unforgettable moment/experience that is the result of your fanart?

    Unexpected thing that happened was when Tita Min posted my drawing. Still one of the best/unforgettable moments so far. Sobrang frustrated kasi ako noon kasi it took me 5 days. Nahirapan ako sa details kasi I wanted to make it special. Then, everything paid off: positive feedback from my co-fans 🙂

What’s your message for aspiring artists in this fandom?

    Share your talent to the whole world. Wag kang matakot na i-express ang sarili mo through art, especially if Kath and DJ inspire you to do artworks. “It’s the little things that make it special.” And I’m sure, your artworks will be highly appreciated by the fandom and syempre nila Kath and DJ. Never stop creating something out of nothing… Be bold, be creative. Lahat nadadaan sa practice. Don’t let frustration ruin your aspirations. Your imagination is the limit 🙂 “Kakayanin? Kakayanin.”

Where can people go to see your work?

    Twitter and Instagram account: @imelaineojera
    Tumblr: doodleworld.tumblr.com

Thank you, Elaine for allowing The KathNiel World to interview and feature you as our Fan Arist of the month. You are a blessing to this fandom, and we cannot wait for your next KathNiel-inspired works of art.

Let us all be inspired by some choice works from Elaine as seen below: