Got To Believe

Got to Believe is a 2013 Philippine romantic comedy television series directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina and starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. The series was aired on ABS-CBN and worldwide on The Filipino Channel from August 26, 2013 to March 7, 2014. The series finale, dubbed as the Best Ending Ever, ranked #1 by Kantar Media nationwide TV rating.


Season One

As young Chichay unexpectedly met young Joaquin in their family-owned amusement fair, she taught him to believe that magic exists. However, their friendship abruptly ended as Chichay’s family moved to the province while Joaquin had an almost-fatal accident which prevented him from living a normal life. Ten years later, they have literally bumped into each other but never had any idea about their childhood past.

Despite of living a comfortable and wealthy life, teenage Joaquin feels he is different due to his brain injury. His overprotective mother, Juliana, unknowingly hired teenage Chichay as his nanny. The two that had started off having an unpleasant relationship with each other eventually became friends. As they found comfort in each other’s company, they learned various lessons in life such as the true meaning of friendship, of standing by your family, and of accepting one’s self. While their feelings blossomed into love, things also got complicated and had put them to the test as they encountered numerous conflicts like their parents’ past, their economic gap and the cause of Joaquin’s accident when he was still a kid.

Season Two

The second season begun with the episode aptly entitled “The New Chapter” which takes place two years after the events of the first season with both lead characters already living a different life respectively. New challenges and additional conflicts occurred on most of the characters while the major plot from the previous season unravels to the storyline. Extensively used to promote the show was the tagline — “The heart remembers what the mind forgets.

Official Teaser Trailer

Main Cast

  • Kathryn Bernardo as Cristina Carlotta “Chichay” Tampipi-Manansala
  • Daniel Padilla as Joaquin “Wacky” Manansala / Ryan Manansala
  • Carmina Villaroel as Juliana San Juan-Manansala
  • Manilyn Reynes as Elizabeth “Betchay” Tampipi
  • Ian Veneracion as Jaime Manansala
  • Benjie Paras as Chito Tampipi
  • Memorable Lines

    “Sorry po…” – Chichay

    “Panahon na siguro para manindigan ako para sayo, para satin.” – Chichay

    “Wala akong pakialam kung dati ko pa siyang yaya o kung mas mahirap pa siya sa daga! Basta siya ang gusto ko at siya ang mamahalin ko!” – Joaquin

    Memorable Scenes

    Best Ending Ever