We wanted to create an avenue where all KathNiel fans can come together, to celebrate and build camaraderie; to reminisce; to look back at how far this fandom has gone; that for every smile and laughter, for every tear & pain, for every triumph & misstep of Kath and DJ, you are sure to see the millions of us — the KathNiel fans – standing behind and alongside them.

In our world, no one fan is bigger than the other – all we ever have wanted, and still aim to do, is to support Kath and DJ in all their endeavours, ALWAYS.

This fansite is a labor of love, mainly for Kath and DJ but also for the fandom we belong to, one which is solid and fiercely loyal.

This fansite is a little corner in the virtual universe where you, as a KathNiel fan, can celebrate all things that make this world of ours, our own — we wanted to give each and every fan an opportunity to realise how much they’ve given as supporters of Kath & DJ and how these two amazing people have inspired the millions of us.

This fansite is the story of us: of Kathryn and Daniel and of the KathNiel fandom.

Again, we are fangirls, KathNiel fangirls to be precise.

230x180I am a Jack of all trades, master of none. I know a little about a lot of things. I read books like they’d be banned the day after. I consume unreasonable amounts of tea. I’m a hopeless wanderer. An old soul. A drifter in spades, between time & space.
I chanced upon KathNiel on a boring July afternoon in 2013: as soon as the words “Mata unang nagmamahal Ivan…” were heard, my interest was piqued, and the rest they say is history. Mostly, I thought I was just hovering until Harry and company wield their wands again, but that would be a lie because KathNiel has managed to weave themselves so deep in my fangirl heart that merchandise I buy of them is now kept on a glass compartment display along with Harry, Katniss, Luke and Frodo.
I am AJ and I am a KathNiel fangirl

230x180People tell me that I like to march to the beat of my own drum. I tell them that I think of my life as a soundtrack. For every moment in my life, I can name a song that goes along with it. I can curse like the rap group N.W.A., I can be as sweet as Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar’ and I live my life like my favourite Katy Perry line; no regrets, just love. I was actually cleaning one Sunday afternoon when I heard the line, “when I fell in… I love you…” that catapulted my fangirl heart into the sky. The smile on the 17 year old girl’s face and that look the 17 year old boy was giving her was something I had only in heard in love songs. Here I am today, creating a soundtrack not just for me, but for two other people. I just hope that one day I can add an organ song that goes ‘dun, dun, du-dun’ to it. I am Dee and I am a KathNiel fangirl.

230x180I am a “scientist” turned artist, a stargazer, a storyteller, a composer of light (meaning I’m a shutterbug), an idea generator, a lover of the little things in life. I was born in the Queen City of the South, now living in the True North, and I fangirl in a Yellow Submarine (Yes, I think this ship comes with a submarine). There are days I feel too old to be saying “ship,” but then again, KathNiel keeps us all perpetually young. I collect books (the older, the better). I love autumn, when everything seems to be ablaze. I love old music, mushrooms and museums. I love stories, and KathNiel is one of those stories that came into my life in 2011, at a time when I was facing one of my life’s deepest sorrows. I will always be thankful… for the unexpected joy. Here’s to the silly and the surreal cosmic KNnections, to the dreams and prayers of KathNiel hearts everywhere. I am Jang, and I am a KathNiel fangirl.

230x180I am a very awkward person. VERY. I don’t have much to say about myself. I have red hair, I hate mayonnaise with a passion, I would rather draw than write, I collect flower petals, soda bottles, and postcards. I am obsessed with Star Wars and the solar system. I love the rain, I love spaghetti, I love tea, I love books (Oliver Jeffers is my hero), I love Lego, I love music (Hanson are my boys), and I love KATH & DJ (more than my petals, soda bottles, and postcards). They had me at “sorry po…” and now I can’t stop thinking about them. I am Kat and I am a KathNiel fangirl tard.